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Medical Practice Self-audit: Is Your Practice Leaving Money Uncollected?

  • Our practice's charges, statements and payments are posted within 48 hours?
  • Our practice's net collection rate is 97% or greater?
  • Our practice verifies eligibility, benefits and plan participation prior to services rendered?
  • Our practice collects co-payments at the time of service?
  • Our practice collects deductibles and co-insurances at the time of service?
  • Our practice sends clear, detailed patient statements?
  • Our practice offers online bill pay for our patients?
  • Our practice collects past due balances from patients prior to performing elective services?
  • Our practice has management reports that enables us to review the quality of our staff's registration activity, and errors are communicated to staff?
  • Our practice's claim denials are less then 7%?
  • Our practice has a contract matrix of insurances and staff know what contracts we have and what elements need to be met for proper reimbursement?
  • Our practice knows our fees schedules and monitors insurance payments to ensure they are being paid correctly?
  • Our practice has an effective internal controls to manage and monitor all money received and is posted correctly within the medical practice?
  • Our practice is easy to get a hold of when patients have questions related to statements?
  • Our practice is trained and educated on referrals, prior authorizations that are required by insurances for certain reimbursement?
  • Our practice has an adjustment/write off policy that is approved and monitored by Management?

How did you score:

  • 10-16 No's or not sure= dramatic room for improvement in your practice's revenue is possible
  • 4-9 No's or not sure= possibility of significant improvement
  • 1-3 No's or not sure= some improvement possible